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Ten Tips to Increase Web Traffic and Donations

To tips to improve online giving. read more >

Track This …

Top 5 metrics to track for improved online giving. read more >

Rick Malchow Joins IDM

IDM welcomes Rick Malchow as our new Senior Vice President of Data Science. read more >

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Incremental Gains Are Not Enough

Rather than focus on establishing new control packages, organizations tend to focus their time, attention, and valuable testing dollars in search of incremental gains from existing packages.

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How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Premium

I used to think premiums were a cheap way to acquire and retain donors. I was convinced that the types of donors who responded to premiums would have a low life-time-value and force us to keep upping the ante with nicer premiums until we priced ourselves out of the market.

Boy was I wrong.

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Are recession cut backs causing you to miss the boat?

Nonprofit leaders’ fears about “sinking the boat” (making bad investment decisions in marketing and fundraising) make it more likely they will “miss the boat” when it comes to taking advantage of opportunities that entail some risk and investment.

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