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Be Wise: Optimize!

Online giving is increasing each year. Having an easy and optimized donation form will help increase your donations. read more >

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‘Like’ Me!

This month’s Fundraising Fundamentals podcast from the Chronicle of Philanthropy centers around some tips for increasing followers on Facebook. read more >

Formulate the P-A-S

Use the PAS (Problem-Agitate-Solve) formula to write effective fundraising copy and social media messages. read more >

Track This …

Top 5 metrics to track for improved online giving. read more >

Rick Malchow Joins IDM

IDM welcomes Rick Malchow as our new Senior Vice President of Data Science. read more >

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Billion Dollar Advice for Fundraising Success

The folks at Fundraising Fundamentals have translated billionaire Mark Cuban’s formula for business success into a formula for fundraising success … read more >

Apple Users Are the Most Generous Online Donors

A new study by Razoo found that online donors using an iPad or Mac are more generous than their Blackberry and PC counterparts. read more >

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Join the Discussion on Facebook

Look forward to seeing you on Facebook.

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The Five Deadliest Words in Fundraising

“I would respond to that” are the five deadliest words in fundraising.

read more >

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8 Great Reasons to Invest in Your Online Program

According to Blackbaud’s recently released 2010 Online Giving Report, 7.6% of all fundraising came from online sources last year.

After a decade and half of investment in online assets, 7.6% may seem like a paltry payout compared to the cost of developing and maintaining an online presence, so why should nonprofits continue to invest in digital marketing ?

read more >

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