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IDM is Hiring!

We’re looking for terrific fundraisers to join our team. Great opportunity to further your career while helping charities do amazing work! read more >

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Email Subscriber Lists – How to Build the Best

Email subscriber lists are becoming very important in the growing digital age. Unlike direct mail, email lists are constantly changing – thanks to that pesky (but necessary) “unsubscribe” button. read more >

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How to Translate Real Need Into Donor Dollars – Using Pictures or Video

Take real stories and share them with your donors. Let them see the heartache, but also the triumph of what their dollars mean. read more >

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A True—and Heartbreaking—Tale of Not Being Asked for a Donation

For years, I have been presenting organizations with mountains of data that prove the donors most likely to give are those who have just given.

Yes, it is counter-intuitive. Yes, asking immediately after the donor has been properly thanked can feel rude and pushy. But it remains one of those unlikely fundraising truths the data force us to accept.

But now I understand it, because it happened to me. read more >

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Four Fundraising Challenges for 2016

With the start of a new year, you should take a look at your 2016 fundraising goals and think of what challenges may lay ahead. read more >

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More Direct Mail = More Online Giving (We Have Proof)

Before you declare direct mail dead in this digital world, do what we did: measure the impact of offline communications on online giving. read more >

No More Lies!

Stop telling donors what they want to hear and start telling them what they need to hear. read more >

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Be Wise: Optimize!

Online giving is increasing each year. Having an easy and optimized donation form will help increase your donations. read more >

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Get Ready (NOW) for Year-End Giving!

Follow these 8 simple steps for a more successful year-end campaign. read more >

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The Elusive Silver Bullet

Jason McNeal of Jason’s Blog has put together a list of 21 Advancement Truths—you know the immutable laws of good fundraising. Here are my top ten. read more >

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