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IDM is Hiring!

We’re looking for terrific fundraisers to join our team. Great opportunity to further your career while helping charities do amazing work! read more >

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How to Translate Real Need Into Donor Dollars – Using Pictures or Video

Take real stories and share them with your donors. Let them see the heartache, but also the triumph of what their dollars mean. read more >

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Four Fundraising Challenges for 2016

With the start of a new year, you should take a look at your 2016 fundraising goals and think of what challenges may lay ahead. read more >

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More Direct Mail = More Online Giving (We Have Proof)

Before you declare direct mail dead in this digital world, do what we did: measure the impact of offline communications on online giving. read more >

No More Lies!

Stop telling donors what they want to hear and start telling them what they need to hear. read more >

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Be Wise: Optimize!

Online giving is increasing each year. Having an easy and optimized donation form will help increase your donations. read more >

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Get Ready (NOW) for Year-End Giving!

Follow these 8 simple steps for a more successful year-end campaign. read more >

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The Elusive Silver Bullet

Jason McNeal of Jason’s Blog has put together a list of 21 Advancement Truths—you know the immutable laws of good fundraising. Here are my top ten. read more >

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Why Does Donor Acquisition Suck? (It’s Not Why You Think)

There are many theories as to why the number of donors is decreasing in the U.S., but there is a much larger economic factor that will continue to adversely affect the fundraising marketplace for the foreseeable future: disruptions to traditional retirement investments. read more >

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Charitable Giving on the Rise?!

The Blackbaud Index recently reported that from February-April 2014, charitable giving in the U.S. grew 1.3% over the same period last year. Blackbaud also monitored online giving—from February-April, there was a 7.9% increase in online giving over the same months … read more >